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Mawlid in Hargeisa

Mawlid is the celebration of the birth of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, celebrated on the 12th of the Islamic calendar “Rabi’ Al-Awal”. Not all Muslims celebrate the day, a lot of people believe that prophet birth date shouldn’t be celebrated and marked as other approved Islamic celebrations like Eid Al-Odha and Eid Al-Fitr. Due to the lack…

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George Mikalides

George Mikalides, is a lebanese self-taught Tattoo Artist and multi skilled person, from paintings to creating wooden sculptures; and a father of two kids. “I used to make paintings, graffiti, and it led me to do more interior design works; until I discovered Tattoo making and sculpturing. I feel that I’m adventurous, love trying everything…

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Discrimination in Exile

The self-burning of Yemeni young man in front  of the UNHCR headquarters in Hargeisa, “the capital of the self-declared Somaliland”, was over the mass media circles, and sought the Somali speaking media covering the event and draw attention to the suffering twenty eight thousand refugees from Yemen in the whole country of Somalia, some of them…

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About me

Mustafa Saeed was born in 1989 in Jeddah, he is an Artist, his work explores different mediums including Documentary Photography, Graphics and Sound. Mustafa’s work marries poetic symbolism with sociopolitical critique to explore issue of war, conflict and environment. Based in Hargeisa and participated in different local and international exhibitions. Curator and contributor to EverydayHornOfAfrica. Awards…

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