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Cornered Energies

We are all occupying different spaces; they may look the same or different but we are all filling them with soul and motion. It can be the home, the office, the school or a park; we are all highlights physical entity space emphasizing a body, which is filled with motions and emotions and is the physicality of each person’s actions. I tend to imagine all energies that fill us as neon-colored things.
Cornered Energies is about the non-existence of platforms for youth in Somaliland/Somalia, and the lack of self-expression they face, and them ending being a wasted energies. Photographing individuals in random spaces they spend their daily-lives in, I met different youth from different backgrounds to express their thoughts about being a cornered Energy.

The project contains photos, and record audio over a slideshow of the photos.

Cornered Energies – Video

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